If your New Year’s resolutions include bringing balance back into your life, it may be time to step out of the daily grind and plan a wellness retreat for 2023. Practices such as meditation, yoga, heat therapy and massage reduce stress hormones, slow heart rates and clear our thinking. They activate the parasympathetic nerves to shift bodies out of fight-or-flight mode into a restful sense of wellbeing. Fortunately, finding that zen doesn’t require traveling far. Between the high desert to our east and the lush valley to our west, Central Oregon is home to a wide range of destinations to help jumpstart healthier new habits.



Twenty miles northeast of Bend, Juniper Preserve offers an oasis where self-care meets luxury. Formerly known as Pronghorn Resort, the lodge recently shifted to put wellness at the heart of the golf community. “We want transformational experiences that maintain health,” said Maddison Katchem, director of wellness. Integrating experiences into the high desert landscape means yoga in the lava cave, sound baths on the island, or meditation in the serene interior of a teepee, followed by Ayurvedic-inspired massage or energizing gemstone facials. Golfers needing a meditative break might discover a rock labyrinth tucked behind the 15th green. See pronghorn.club.


Part dude ranch, part retreat, Silvies Valley Ranch is an escape from the stress of a fast-paced world. The remote location north of Burns makes it easy to unplug and get grounded, according to Sandy Campbell, co-owner of the ranch. “Spending time in the meadow, the old growth timber, along the river…this place nurtures your soul,” said Campbell. Balance that quiet contemplation with ranch activities such as goat herding and horseback rides, followed by bodywork in the Rocking Heart Spa. This year the ranch reopens in late spring. If the goats cooperate, opening weekend may include caring for the baby goats, followed by a massage and dinner. See silvies.us.

Published January 10, 2023

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