Resort Activities

There’s always something happening at Juniper Preserve. Here are some of our most popular offerings.

Concierge Seal-of-Approval

Just because we’re located in the middle of an ancient juniper forest does not mean that you will be wondering what to do. There is always something going on at Juniper Preserve. These are a few of our favorite resort activities. 

If you’d like to schedule or have any questions, please contact our concierge desk at 866.320.5024 or

Sunset Cave Tours

Tom Fazio Golf Course #8 Lava Cave at Pronghorn Resort

The sunset cave tour offers guests a unique and memorable experience exploring the natural caves and rock formations of the area. With the stunning sunset views as a backdrop, the tour provides a beautiful and peaceful way to connect with nature.

1 Hour, $55 per couple

Wanderlust Cascade Lakes Canoe Tours

Nothing says summer in Bend like paddling on our beautiful Cascade Lakes! With the sun shining above, we will hit the water, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and begin our canoeing adventure.

$130 per person

Self Guided Bike Tours

Our self guided bike tours are a great way to explore the property and get deep breath of fresh Juniper air. Explore the beauty of Juniper Preserve and enjoying the great outdoors.

$12 – $18 per Hour

Paddle Strong

A paddleboarding class beautifully infused with fitness and yoga. Move at a gentle pace on your board as you balance the mind and body. Working on flexibility through movement and postures. Suitable for all skill levels.

1 Hour, $40 per guest


Vine to Wine Tasting Class

The wine tasting experience at Juniper Preserve offers visitors a chance to sample a variety of local wines in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the flavors and aromas of different wines while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the property.

First Sunday Kirtan

The 1st Sunday Kirtan at Juniper Preserve is a spiritual and musical event that offers a unique and meditative experience for participants. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sounds and rhythms of the kirtan while connecting with others and finding inner peace.

Local Artisan Markets

Juniper Preserve hosts many curated markets throughout the year, creating unique shopping experiences with a variety of vendors offering everything from jewelry to jam, visitors can support local artists and find unique souvenirs to take home.


Welcome the weekend with this kava and cacao enhanced sound immersion experience to support heart opening and energy grounding. Crystal bowls, chimes, a powerfully peaceful gong, and more instruments collaborate to tune and align mind, body, and spirit.

1 Hour, $50 – Group Session